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Between the Bread - Current Takeout Offerings

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


chicken Breast soaked in buttermilk, cholula hot sauce and fried crisp. topped with buffalo and creamy gorgonzola sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Side Options:Waffle Fries Crispy Fries Side Salad caesar Sweet Potato Fries +$1onion rings +$2tots cup chili +$2
Bun Sub:Gluten- Free Bun +$1Lettuce Wrap
Vegan Options:Field Roast Patty Beyond Burger Patty +$1
Burger Mods:No Buffalo No Gorgonzola No Onion No Tomato No Lettuce Sub Grilled Chicken
(Optional) Salad Dressing Choice:Caesar dressing Balsamic vinaigrette Raspberry vinaigrette

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